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Default Let's get radical: Drastic changes to Champions Trophy

With the WC a 10 team affair, having an 8 team Champions Trophy is completely useless. We can all generally agree to that, right? So here's my proposal for a brand new Champion's trophy format:

Rather than be a month-long tournament, instead it will be a several month long affair with the much-hyped final.

Expand it to include 20 teams. Teams ranked 13-20 will play a round robin tournament/or elimination tournament to determine which 4 will move on and join the 12 full members.

Once we have 16 teams, the format will be similar to a combo of FA cup and champions league.

-A random draw will be made to match up the teams. Ranks don't matter, so you could end up with a mouthwatering Ind vs Aus in the first round. or you could get a Eng vs Oman.

- Instead of a one-off game, it will be a champions league style two-legged tie, with each leg consisting of a 3-game series each. Ex. NZ vs Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe hosts NZ first for 3 games, then NZ hosts Zimbabwe for 3 games. The winner is whoever has the higher number of wins (out of 6 total games). In the case of a tie (3 wins each), various rules can be used to determine winner starting with away wins (whichever has the higher # of away wins).

-After the first round, with 8 teams emerging: we once again have a random draw to determine the next mathups.

-The final will be in a neutral ground, either one game final or a 3 game series. I'm ok with either.

Bam, done. Biggest benefit: Drastically different from the WC. Adds more meaningful games to the FTP. Away wins matter greatly. Expands to include the other teams, who (in theory atleast) can win the whole thing.
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