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Originally Posted by Eshen
She seems pretty mediocre, especially if you look at her stats against G9 teams.
True, I totally agree with you, Eshen uncle.
But I still give her a lot of credit knowing where she is coming from, from a country of no proper Women's cricket league yet, let alone women's professional club cricket. As we all know, she has developed herself and achieved whatever she has so far, in a society and a country where women athletes are rare and are not encouraged (by the society or families). She grew up and developed her skill of playing cricket/sport in Khulna District - in a provincial town - She did not even have any advantage of Dhaka facilities (before selected for the national team) or even in Chittagong. Before being selected to the national team, she didn't even had access to a proper gym.

She does not get paid jack, what she and her national team mates get paid by BCB is a joke! And not even mentioning in comparison to the BD national BCB contracted male cricketers pay. It's a HUGE difference of pay.

In Bangladesh the Bangladesh national women's team cricketers cricketers did NOT even get paid their basic peanut salary for over 6-8 months a couple of years ago. We had a female BC member , a great inspirational poster named 'Kathbirali' who is very close and access to the BD women cricketer, came to BC and open threads to bring awareness on this issue - and the thread DIED like after 10 posts. WE BC members didn't even pay a simple courteous nod to the situation (at least from the look of the number of the posts and visits onto the thread)! We suck!
After that Kathbirali probably said screw this and never came back to the forum and stopped posting. She was rather active in BC for a short while and her incredible insight of the game truly reflected the way she engaged here through her posts.

We, BD cricket in general (the game, finesse, fitness, diet, sense of professionalism, sense of dedication to the game (at least does not reflect -to me) let alone BD women's cricket are NOWHERE near (and truly miles and miles behind) when you compare to the big cricketing countries. And these above are judging from the players inability. Now about support form the sport orgs of BD like BCB and the ministry of sport and youth affairs - for their effort and contribution - I give them ZERO. BTW from BCB, what we get is minimal, basic, that is expected by some, not in my book, I don't buy that!!! Athletes in BD do not get respect for their skill and determination - what they get after good performance or occasional good results in the field, is - stardom!

I am so extremely proud of Jahanara Alam - I pray for for everyday, so that she gets better at this sport and I would be so proud of a father, has she been my child/daughter - I would not have missed a single match of this cricketer (of course if I was still living in BD, close to her)

Stay strong, Jahanara Alam
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