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Originally Posted by Yankees
Was the article written by a journalist or a fan? So many typos:
- her "carrier"
- "When she make it possible it must bring much success for us."
- "Women’s cricket is not too much favorite like boys cricket."
HEheheeh...Yankees bhaiyo!
Manna bhai is probably a fan. I agree the writing/grammar has a number of glitches.
I could have corrected those before posting, thought of doing that - but I do not know the man, didn't have his permission, would have been unethical.
I give him great credit for writing this piece and covering a lot about our captain and great cricketer, one of the pioneers of BD women's cricket, sport - if you think about it. I found this article on a google search. And there are four comments I think I saw trailing the article and if I am not mistaken, all of them by men - what I liked about their comments was that they all were very proud of Alam and her career achievement as a cricketer and they were very respectful toward her, which a lot of times we don't see from our BD society, in public opinion comments section, I see extremely insulting, vulgar comments toward women, period! And by a huge huge proportion.

Manna bhai should have had this proof read by someone before publishing it though.
But, no worries, Manna bhai, next time - Insh Allah a better, smoother read article.
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