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I completely agree with what Shakib has said.

I must also add that there needs to be a bit more context here. Shakib earns 140k USD per year from his main employer. Now obviously he earns a lot from sponsorships and domestic tournaments, Infact he earns almost 50 times more from other sources.

But even 140k USD is not a bad amount. Now 140k is a good salary for someone working as a banker, engineer, etc in the US. But in Bangladesh 140k is nearly 1.2 crore or so, around 10 lac per month. 10 lac per month is a pretty damn good amount in Bangladesh context. That's enough money to be able to send your child to top schools or tuitions, buy expensive make-up or clothing for wife and live in an expensive house.

In Australia though, with 140k USD you would barely be comfortable with that amount.

Considering all that Smith still gets paid a lot more than Shakib in that sense. But hey, Shakib plays for a low ranked team in a third world country and Smith plays for, well Australia

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