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I see the argument about Shakib,he is a match winner.
But being 9th in tests and 7/8th in one dayers,apart from 4/5 players,of course they will get rubbish pay.
The TV rights for Bangladeshi series is low when the 3 main countries is high.The reason for not much for the players.
ATM Bangladeshis are proving mediocre,apart from 4/5 players.
On Shakib on T20 he is tired out by his T20 load,and skips important series.
Thats why I agree with the BCB has limitted in to 2 T2o series,because you can't have ppl skipping important series just because T20 tires them out.
Its all B*** S***.
Until Bangladesh improve then they can't expect anymore.The last year is a downer on one dayers.
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