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Originally Posted by MHRAM
I completely agree with what Shakib has said.

I must also add that there needs to be a bit more context here. Shakib earns 140k USD per year from his main employer. Now obviously he earns a lot from sponsorships and domestic tournaments, Infact he earns almost 50 times more from other sources.

But even 140k USD is not a bad amount. Now 140k is a good salary for someone working as a banker, engineer, etc in the US. But in Bangladesh 140k is nearly 1.2 crore or so, around 10 lac per month. 10 lac per month is a pretty damn good amount in Bangladesh context. That's enough money to be able to send your child to top schools or tuitions, buy expensive make-up or clothing for wife and live in an expensive house.

In Australia though, with 140k USD you would barely be comfortable with that amount.

Considering all that Smith still gets paid a lot more than Shakib in that sense. But hey, Shakib plays for a low ranked team in a third world country and Smith plays for, well Australia

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I agree partially with Shakib. In BD the service and goods are lot cheaper than Australia. So if we consider the purchasing power, the gap between Smith and Shakib will be reduced. But, I agree with Shakib when compared with Pakistan or Sri Lanka. BCB is richer and the BD cricket market is also stronger than these two (Pak is weaker because no country visits them). So there are no reasons for Shakib to get less from Pakistani or Sri Lankan players.
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