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Originally Posted by tejkuni
Most of the player from Bangladesh (and SL, Pak, etc.) will get a chance to play in those T20 leagues when they become stars and visible by playing for the national team. So without playing Tests, ODIs, & T20s for national team, it will be hard for most of the players to get a contract to play in T20 leagues. Mustafiz only got an IPL contract after playing for BD. Shadav Khan got Big BB contract after playing for the national team. Without playing for the national teams, it will hard for the players to be know outside their countries. Not only that, the boards also invest a lot by providing facilities, coaching, etc.,. In a country like BD, it will be hard for any players to get those services on their own. Without playing for the national teams they will not be able to earn the temperament they need to play in those high pressure T20 leagues. So I do not think any players in BD (except few players like Shakib, etc) will leave national team for T20 leagues.
Sure. But once they have enough reputation to get into t20 leagues and if they perform, it won't be hard getting these deals. Look at mustafiz and how easily he gets t20 contracts at such a young age. Shakib places enough value on playing for his country to not leave. Some others might not. And I wouldn't be surprised considering all the corruption, angry public after losses, etc that might affect a players decision in this regard
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