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There was legendary Shomrat Babur of Uzbekistan founder of the Mughol dynasty of Hindustan.
And there was the dance director, Anjana's or Rojina's husband Babar of FDC - DHaka Film industry
And there was BNP's Babar -the home Minister - "We will pakraw our Sotrus..."

Then there was Azam Shah - the Last mughol, the one before or after(?) the last one (?) the skinny weak link Bahadur SHah.
And then there was Gulam Azam, the Razakar...usko khel kahtam...Fasi diyechi...
Then there was the legendary Bangladesh Rock/pop Pioneer of the 70's Azam Khan sinegr of such legendary peice, Alal o Dulal and Ore Shokhina, Ore Morjina

The question is which Babar Azam we are talking baout? Bujhiye lekhun please.
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