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Rain ruined all the A group matches between-

Ireland and USA
Denmark and United Arab Emirates
Uganda and Bermuda

in the B group, Canada and PNG proved me wrong.

So, last round matches are now really really important for teams who are in position to get first four straight tickets to WC'07. Here is my prediction for 7th July-

A group matches
Ireland v Denmark
Uganda v United Arab Emirates
USA v Bermuda (I think it will be a close match)

B group matches
Netherlands v Scotland (This match is also a very close one to call)
Oman v Namibia
Canada v Papua New Guinea

From the A group Ireland is already won their ticket to WC and are sure to beat Danes. But, if it rains again, Danes are sure to get the other straight ticket from A group because of their higher run rate. If Bermuda win, they get the straight ticket. If Bermuda and Denmark both loose, UAE is sure to win against Uganda and their run rate will be higher, and thus they will get the ticket to WC.

In the B group Canada is sure to win against PNG. if Scots win against Dutches, Scots and Canadians get straight tickets. If Scots loose, two teams among Scotland, Holland, and Canada with higher run rate get to go to WC. If it rains, Scotland and Holland both win.

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