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at first I didn't like the qualifier format but this makes things more competitive tbh.

with 12 test teams, ICC next time let the top 6 team qualify straight in the WC. Next 4 in the ranking will need to play the qualifier 1. next 2 in the raking will need to play qualifier 2 to get into qualifier 1.

So the system will be like No 11 and No 12 plays with 4 more associates in qualifier 2. Top 2 teams advances to qualifier 1

in qualifier 1 Number 7,8,9,10 along with the 2 qualifiers play.Top 2 teams in qualifier 1 qualifies for the WC.

This way we'll have a 8 team WC! and ICC's wet dream of getting rid of BD, Zim and The associates from the WC might finally be fulfilled!
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