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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
He sure isn’t the only reason for this defeat but he sure was against ind. but again, u fo for 20runs like that, dont you have any standards? He is garbage in this format and thats the fact. It’s the manner he gets smashed, all too easy as he bowls those bad balls either full pitched or short.

Again. Runs weren’t enough. Shakib played poor, batted sh.t bowled sh.t. Seniors didn’t use their heads as usual. Tomato carried rhe innings then got out when we needed him to see off rashid and take the pacers on last few overs. Sarkar is some passenger, plays like a khet wala who just picked a bat for the first time, got out when he too could’ve seen off rashid and waited to launch the pacers which Hider did and was successful. This will happen again. Soon. It’s a disease with this team, stuck for life.
It's not a one off and this isn't a knee jerk reaction thread

Shakib is a mediocre captain and had an awful game which contributed to the loss, but one offs happen

Rubel clearly isn't good enough for 3/4 of the game
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