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Originally Posted by i_am_ringo
They organized the game on US soil because they assume it will be financially viable.

At least that’s their thesis from inviting India vs Windies . Prove them right.

If your lovely brown faces are not seen on the stadium, rest assured, BD won’t see an invite again. Like ever.

You can all take a couple days off to do this whether you are employed, in uni, etc. it’s a short flight and quite manageable motel/ food expenses.

If you can sit all night watching these games, you can save together some $ to make this happen.

So please, represent your passion. This is your chance to show your support in real life, instead of typing behind a screen.

If you are a regular BC member in US, esp east coast and you are not there... do us all a favor and don’t complain about ANYTHING regarding the team.

Many thanks. See you all there!
Hi Ringo, I am planning to go. Already have plans put together and will be there to support the team!

Check out this thread: Quite a few BC members will be attending
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