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Default The BC Podcast Thread- By Members of BC Forum

Hi guys,

So we finally got it done. Mufi and I chatted for about an hour last Saturday about all things Bangladesh cricket, which is premiering as episode 1 of the BC Podcast. I listen to many podcasts myself, and I absolutely love the unofficial and uninterrupted format of it. So I really wanted to do something similar.

Here it is, but please also do read this whole post for other info!

Writing is the forum is very cool, but there are things that can only be captured in an audio or video format. This is only a prototype, if we have more guests, I am sure things can be changed depending on available expertise and such.

But my mission statement is simple: I want to have a chat every two weeks with a BC member. Or someone else can be the host, and take over the productions for an episode, I don't mind, I want this to be an open source venture where all BC members contribute.

In the description of the video, I added some timestamps for topics that we covered. But true to podcast format, we do jump all over, and there are many subtopics as well. The best thing would be to listen to the whole thing, from start to finish.

Do let me know your thoughts/opinions/advice/suggestions/questions. I would love to have another conversation last week of June with one of you.

There are no real rules except one which is: no personal talk. If it comes out in the chat because it is only natural to bring some stuff up to break the ice, then I will edit it out for the actual podcast that goes public. Other than that if you are a guest:
1) Have Skype
2) Have ear phones (this prevents echo)
3) Try to reduce any background noise ( I did not do such a good job myself in this,left my air condition on, but I am learning!)
4) Just speak from the heart, whatever that comes to mind. But Bd cricket should be the anchor, once you've place that anchor, you can take off in other directions.

And yeah, that's about it.

Thanks and just a note about this podcast. I really enjoyed talking to Mufi! A great cricket brain, and a very cool and calm logical thinker. The dynamics totally change when you are having a conversation over phone and not text. And I for one, I'm always excited at the prospect of getting to know someone better.

I am sure I am leaving some things out. But I will come back to this thread. Let this be the thread for all things BC Podcast.

The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!

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