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Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, it does feel good to know that members appreciate it. This is supposed to be an open source venture after all. In the mean time, I am thinking of doing one more episode at the end of this month. That is the plan for now.

I get the vibe that the music is iffy. Always open to suggestions, but do make sure it is free for commercial use. You are dead on DinRaat, it is a cowboy type sound. I like old western themed beats, so just went along with it. All the accent stuff is hilarious, Mufi and I can try to change a lot of things to make this production better, but at this point of our lives we cannot change accents to please anyone. We understood each other perfectly, I think that is most important.

Thanks again Mufi for doing this, I thought you carried most of the convo. Was super stoked to hear your perspective on things. Will try to get someone else on the mic before July to hear what they are about.
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