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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
mexico was always a stronger team than usa. mexico has better WC record than usa and leads usa 38-19 overall
No doubt mexico has a long and rich soccer history and earlier always was more dominant than USA who played soccer as after thought. They were not always stronger than USA. Football took an upward movement in USA some time following 94 WC in USA and their performance in each of the world cup just made the game more and more popular. Current non qualification of USA really set them back some years in my opinion.

There was a time period where USA Mexico rivalry intensified mainly in the decade of 2000s. And if you look up you will see USA came ahead mostly and mainly at home. THey also beat Mexico not in most of the qualifiers in the 2000s but in actual wc match in South Korea.

Stats can be misleading.

But yes today's mexico team now is much superior to the current USA team. The way they played yesterday - they almost looked like a top nation. Just jittery rushed finishing but otherwise had hall mark of a top nation. If they can cont to play like that, this year is where they will go the farthest. Their WC record to gone past round of 16 is almost nonexitent (they went to quarter final as a host) similar to USA last few WCs. Will see if they can sustain the intensity. I think they will. It didn't look like a fluke to me. You get a fluke goal not a fluke dominant match.. they exposed Germany yesterday like it's a 3rd rate team.
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