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Originally Posted by Rifat_02
Does Bangladesh play as many matches as India , England , Australia throughout the year?? We hardly get any matches, I doubt we play even half of what some countries play in a year, only three T20s and a T20 Tri-Series in Sri Lanka after the Sri Lanka series this year, No Tests, No ODIs, no nothing This cannot be an excuse for not showing up in training especially when you are the 'CAPTAIN' of the team and there is a new coach taking over
Originally Posted by bujhee kom
^^^Na na..Tiger Hazaar bahi...ami apnar ei kotha mene nite parchi naa!

He's in his 30's now, you don't know how his body is after a decade of being an all rounder

If it was against coaching staffs instructions, then it's one thing to be angry about, but no one knows what the situation is, if it was against the advice of coaches, then Papon would have opened his big mouth by now anyway

Do you know how wladimir klitcsko was a champion in his 40's? Rest, towards the end he was training only 3 days a week instead of the traditional 6, rest is important, it helps the body and mind.

I say its an overreaction because people don't even know 1/10th of the situation but coming to a conclusion, show me where this holiday of his is against coaches direction.

Half our fans are Bunch of emotional fairies, so are our players hence we can never win anything.
Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much- Oscar Wilde.

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