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Originally Posted by jeesh
Crazy, none of the English dailies (DS, New Age, Tribune) have announced McKenzie. All are so obsessed with football.
Originally Posted by Night_wolf
u think this is crazy with the biggest tournament in sports going on?

This should be the norm even when the fifa wc is over. This pathetic unpatriotic cricket team should be the last priority for news agencies
Arrey Jeeshan bhaiya and Raat-kana Wolf apnara bujhen na, naki bujhe-o naa bojhar bhaan koren?

There are lots of coverage by BD English Newspaper on the FIFA world cup 2018, WHY?
Beacuse, it takes no effort to write about the matches, the events, the incidents, so on, so forth, WHY? Because, it's a piece of cake to plagiarize. All they do and have to do is copy another newspaper, web article or sport section from an international source without giving any credit!

Now, there is no news or coverage by BD newspaper on Neil Mckenzie, WHY?
Because it takes a lot of effort to write something from scratch about something that does not have anything written about somewhere else - which I could easily steal and print as mine!!
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