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Originally Posted by mufi_02
that's exactly why all these people organizes such events. to make quick money and cuddle with shakib and co.

I don't have such connections. onek chumchumi korte hoy.
Mufti, ki bolcho? We have seen you - You are en expert in chumachumi! Ki hobey, lojja koro keno? Chumu ditey hoi, ekta chumu diye dibaa! Ete ki holo?

Originally Posted by roman
BK Bhai also organized an event to take selfie with Shakib at Jackson Heights few days ago. He bought himself a nice looking car with that money.

Spending $200-$300 on these bolods are bit too much. How on earth they still have so much demand after getting thrashed by Afg? Shameless bolods
hehehe Roman da, I barely made any money from that Jackson heights event!
Whatever little that I made, I bought a cycle with it, ate a 1 samossa, 2 Aloor Chops and 1/2 plate of biriyani and replaced one of your bhabi's cycle tires! Ota puncture chilo bohoodiin!
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