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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
Cannot agree more. He was indeed the best test captain. Just one bad series in SA and he was sacked - it was totally uncalled for.

Also if you look at BD performance in those two tests against South Africa, even though we lost, our scores were quite good.

Plus Mushy scored a fantastic ODI century following that test series.

Love or hate him, Mushfiqur Rahman is indeed the best test captain of Bangladesh and the second best ODI captain.
Spot on. After a long time I have found someone on this message board who's a well wisher of BD cricket. U'll find a lot of fans even on this board who get irked even if they see the shadow of mushy and always ready to criticize him.

In Bangladesh cricket honesty and hard work doesn't have any value. Here a player is evaluated based on his ability of licking the boots of BCB officials. If a players isn't good at flattery he will be scolded by the board official in broad daylight in front of everybody.

Remember how Papon bashed him on national television? Can u recall any country where a test captain was humiliated by the board president in such fashion? He even compared him with mash and Shak in front of everyone in a negative way in order to demean him.
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