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Originally Posted by Yankees
"Riyad still averages 32.85 in last 5 years in test matches, please find a youngster who will average at least this much for an extended period." is a very easy argument to make when you know no youngster has been given such an extended leash. It's a easy cop out for you.

A guy like Shanto has played 1 test for BD. And this is a guy that has shown much more promise than a bum like Riyad. And btw comparing riyad's last 5 years stats is quite hypocritical. Why don't you look at his first 5 years, when he averaged a 25. Persist with any youngster for that long, and he will give you a better output.

And your other point is another good one. he's won us 2-3 games in LOIs, therefore he should be persisted with in tests. With that logic, you ought to be a BCB selector.
You are comparing Shanto the opener with Riyad the middle order Allrounder? With that logic you should be the Team Manager for BCB. Wait... are you Sujon?
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