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Originally Posted by Yankees
None of your nonsense posts have yet to validate Mullah's place in tests other than claiming Shanto is an opnener based on BPL. This is pretty consistent with you. Always quick to defend Mullah without the substance to actually back it up.

Whatever dude, fans like you are the reason we have the team we have. Oh look how Mullah scored a heroic 15 against the mighty Windies.
Its because of bandwagoner plastic fans like you Bangladeshis have such a bad reputation in the social media. Your cricketing understanding is limited to ranting and scapegoating a player and blaming the entire debacle on them. We have a team that got folded in 3 days against a lower ranked side and you are hear crying why a certain player is in the squad instead of a the legend in making youngster. If Riyad does get dropped you are gonna go on and make Mushy or Tamim your next scapegoat for another so called prospective young legend in the making. If that pleases your soul (and it probably does).. go nuts!
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