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I wish the players had half the passion of the fans on this forum! After following BD cricket for 20+ years I finally gave up in early 2017. Once in a while I randomly check the scorecard but don't plan to watch other than world cup matches. 20 years ago the players lacked resources, skills, training and experience but they showed a lot of heart, they bled red and green. When they got bundled out for 50 it was because the opposition was that much better not because they lacked passion. I didn't mind that. Today the players are paid handsomely and given access to way more resources but they don't have nearly as much passion or pride when they don the national jersey. That's just not good enough for me, so I've moved on. These days I'm more into NBA playoffs, NFL, WC football, MLB playoffs (yankees only). Heck these days I'm probably more interested in following NBA free agency than cricket lol. If I ever regain interest in BD cricket, in all likelihood it'll be to support the women's team, which clearly is our last bastion of hope.
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