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Originally Posted by Rifat_02
Shakib Fanboy alert , even if Shakib goes to jail his fanboys will claim he should be released because nobody else can win a match for BD.

Maybe you should watch more cricket than baseball , in all of Bangladesh's wins every player had a contribution without which we would not have won a single game, it was never Shakib only, and it is a widely accepted fact he is a terrible role model and captain no matter how good he is and he is no Imran Khan or Kapil Dev as a player , just a big fish (with poor attitude) in a small pond and fans who put him on a pedestal has got to his head and made him the lazy , demotivated player as well captain today, a poor example for the rest of the youngsters and players in the country
when did I deny he doesn't have a poor attitude? do you have any proof or are you still bitter from before?

Who's comparing him to Imran and Kapil? Would genuinely like to know, because it seems your grasping at straws kid. Nothing I've said is wrong. Are you denying that he isn't expected to be our best bat and ball? do YOU watch cricket?

I don't need to defend Shakib, he is who is he - a rude, egomaniac illiterate, who is also the greatest player BD has produced. But that's not yet, you're just a mullah apologist who feels he needs to "get one back" - even if it means you need to pull it out of your a$$.
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