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Originally Posted by Eclipse
We shouldn't even mention Team India when we r talking about a team of Bangladesh's caliber. Its like bringing the quality of Audi into discussion when we r talking about the of local tempos.

India has performed brilliantly in their recently finished SA tour. They would've easily won the series if kohli had selected a better team. Second test was there for the taking but unfortunately they failed to do so due to bad luck.

But we all saw how they hammered and humiliated SA in the ODIs, didn't we? Oh one more thing, i don't think the number of tests we have played in last couple of years have played any role in our overall development as a cricket playing nation. We played quite a number of tests at both home and away in last couple of years and it's needless to say, we have been humiliated in most of them. Only a uber low level minnow team can get thrashed the way we got thrashed in SA and NZ. We couldn't even compete in a single session leave alone winning a test or series. It was so damn embarrassing.
Are you from India posing as a BD fan ?
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