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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
So true. India fought really hard in the first two tests and could have easily won had Kohli were a little smarter about team selection.

There is a difference between losing the first test while fighting hard and a complete disgraceful surrender like BD did in WI. The first type can be attributed to getting acclimatized whereas the second type is nature of minnows.
Totally agree with u. There's a big difference between getting defeated by the opposition and getting steamrolled by the opposition.

We all know that most top teams struggle in their first couple of matches in their respective tours especially if they start the away series without playing any practice match. But what Bangladesh do is completely different than that. Our team gets completely annihilated every time we play outside Mirpur regardless the quality of the opposition.

Don't think playing a lot of tests is going to help us to improve our current status. We've already played quite a lot of away matches in last couple of years but the result is still the same if not worse.
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