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Default What is the purpose of intl cricket?

It’s a very simple question but an important one. Explain to me like I’m 5 since I’m quite dim in the head.

What is the purpose of these endless tours and meaningless tournaments? I’ve been watching these since childhood. Other than the World Cup every 4 years, not really sure who won what when they win.

There’s not even a clearly defined season. There’s no end of season playoffs. No championships at year end. No cricketer of the year/ MVP.

What do you win if you are #1 in the ODI/ test/T20 rankings? What difference does it make if you jump from #8 to #5? Why does it never reset?

Other than a worthless trophy, is there any value to winning a tri nations cup? A “world” T20?A nidihas Cup? An “Asia” Cup? Polar ice cream cup?

Why do some teams play hundreds of matches more if there is only 8 teams? Shouldn’t they all get the same number of games to determine a winner.. seasonally? Annually? End of current FTP?

Other than being a traveling circus, why are they even overseas?

I guess what I’m asking is what is the point of all this?

... and if you can’t answer it 100% I’m sure the players can’t answer it either.
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