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You are right .. its pointless.

Although my reason for losing interest in cricket is something else.
I am a traditionalist. I enjoyed cricket and had more fun watching and playing the game when there was even competition between bat and ball.

I absolutely hate (yes hate) the small boundaries, the thick bats , the lighter white balls and artificial commentary dictated by sponsors.

For me it was more fun watching grafters like Steve waugh and Mianded score singles than the dilscoops and edged sixers.

When you are looking at a players stat, you have to now look as to which era he played the game. For example, if a bowlers stat showed that he conceeded 5 RPO in ODI's back in the 90's than he is a terrible bowler. The same stat now would make him an excellent bowler.

I know records are meant to be broken. But if someone breaks Bradman's Average score in test, I would still consider Bradman a better bat even though he scored majority of his runs against England (only few teams played the game than).

Finally I know why ICC did what they did. Their intention was to globalize the game. May be they are successful in their endeavor. May be the younger generation loves the new cricket. It is just that they managed to loose a few of the traditional cricket fans like myself.

I know some people stopped watching the game because "life happened" but I stopped at an era when Bangladesh has been really successful because cricket has evolved into something else that I do not recognize anymore.
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