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gym-babu- wayyyyyy

1999 to infinity. That same opponent. Those same boring nothing games.

If we win: no satisfaction.
If we lose: no satisfaction

It’s like a stale warm Coca Cola. The sweet, the fizz, the burst it’s all missing.

It’s just a nasty warm syrup. Hard to drink. Harder going down.

How else can I describe this matchup?

It’s like nails on the chalk board, but you are the only student in the classroom and you can’t leave.

It’s like the third serving of beef curry when you go to a dawat. There is no hunger, it’s just now painful but you have to finish it.

It’s like watchjng a rehashed plot in a badly acted movie but you already paid for the movie, so you will finish it.

It’s like small talk in a long flight with the person next to you even though you have no interest in saying one more word and you just wish you could knock out.
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