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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
This is great news! Good riddance, Fos!
These certain 'senior players' soon will turn into Moteejheel/ Polton/ Kawran Bazzar/ Thatari Bazaar/DilKosha Banijjik Elaka's (commercial area) commission-bhookto Dalaals!
Kurbanir Goru-Khashi Bikri-commission/ Plot bikri/tender-baji/ghush adaan-prodaan etc. etc. will be the only way of leading their shameless lifestyle!
Another thing these Losers will do is scalp Mohammadan-Abahoni game tickets on match day outside the stadium!
senuior cricketers - my Foot!
We may not like their decision but if one does not like something, he/she will automatically not put the effort needed to excel in that something. Either way, no point on singling out our players, other players from different countries does it aswell. Chooses one day/T20 instead of test cricket. Everyone should get the right to choose to do what they think is the best for them, regadrless of if you and I agree to it or not. But the real question here is, why is TEST cricket still alive in this era?
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