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Originally Posted by roman
And we celebrated as if we have won the world cup..
Arrey Roman, Including myself! I was so naive and excited...didn't even know the real story the first few days.
I would tell and brag to my amma and abba, uncles and aunts, "Apnara jhanen, amra football-e onek egiye giyechi, we are winning cups in football Europe, we are becoming champions"...My amma/abba didn't keep up with sport and believed me solid and they would go, 'Ohh we are a poor nation, this is such honor, we are winning European cups in football now...these young boys of ours someday will bring the world cup home to us in 10-15 years!"
Ohh we did get our world cups! A plastic trophy that we would get when we used to buy Tiktikir Deem (tiny colored sugar-coated candies) for 1 taka from Mouchak Market and Shiddheshwari Kali Mondir Pooja Fair!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand & Mitch Landrieu!
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