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With the young players, its supposed to be pyramid method.

Just because they got the opportunity doesn't mean everybody should be expected to be the next superstar. In the process most should be phased out (over time), few will stay and shine.

May be the problem is the way we give them the opportunity and way we evaluate their growth and the way we reward them, the way we expect that every young player will be a instant success, otherwise its a failure....

Some young players got some opportunity (mentioned in the thread) for a while and still failing.....that's one way to see the situation. The other way is, may be ... we are giving the wrong young player too much opportunity at the wrong time, with no sign of improvement while we are ignoring some other young players.

Yes Sabbir is getting lot of opportunities these days withoutout any sign of imprevment, may be its best for him to take a break and show some improvement in team-A first.

Yes it SS got chances and showed little improvement. He should have demoted Little earlier, and now that he is in team-a suddenly we are binging him back most likely prematurely.

Mominul, the coach killer. May be Haturu was right that Monimul have some technical issue that will be exposed to certain pitch/opponent. Fans were mad for dropping Mominul, he is back and he is not doing well right now. Are we (BCB, player. fans) capable of taking criticism from experts about a player's weakness. i don't think so. Did he addressed his issues before he is back, I doubt it. Did we really expected Mominul to perform double century against WI in WI? We put him in a position to fail in this series.

Anamul, I have nothing to say. yes he is young and yes he talented. But did he deserved this opportunity? When he was dropped he was supposed to work on certain technical weakness. Did he showed any sign that he addressed them in local league? If he didn't improved in that aspect, why putting him in a position to fail again and then
screwing up his chances further?

Litton, yes we have some mixed result. but I see he addressed some of his technical flaws (shortcomings). But are we giving him enough chance? I don't think so. I think he needs to play more before we can get a feeling which way he is going.

Miraz, clearly he is improving. I see sign of maturity. He should continue to get more opportunity.

There are few other players who haven't played enough to say they are failure: Apu, nazmul, Afif, Rony, Zakir plus Arif (who is not young).

Giving chance half hazardly and without giving enough chance to improve or not monitoring improvement while giving unconditional chances are the problem in my opinion. Wehn you give a young player a chance, you need to stick with him to see if he is making mistakes and learning or not and then you make your judgement if he should be in the team or not. Plus when its obvious, a young player is not ready or his lack of skill is exposed, he should be dropped from the team with clear plan what he should work on outside the national team.

Now what we are doing is re-bottling old wine into new fancy bottles and hope for different taste and buying lottery ticket.... jodi laaaiga jai....we really don't have a clear plan for the team or the young players ...

So its easy to point fingers at the young players individually and say... see young player-x is failing, young player-y is failing.... so they are no good.... in my humble opinion, it just shows that the management and selectors are no good....they don't know how to pick the talent and how to put them in an environment for them to grow.
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