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I totally agree, cricman.
I did not want to say anything about it, as it is a rule(!). But that being said, it is a SH!T rule! This kind of things make cricket and ICC a pile of SH!T. This bullsh!t crap rule(!) does NOT make NO sense! And yeah, ICC is going to globalize cricket, like the world (other than a handful of nations) really dying to, so eagerly waiting at the edge of their stools to learn about this glorious f'in game cricket! OICC sucks and they should fix these kind or turd rules instead of fining, reprimanding active cricketers for some mild send offs!

Rule, my foot - that 4 runs should have been given! I didn't make any fuss about it, because the Losers of BD team lost the game for their own bloody reason!
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