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Originally posted by BangladeshFan
but england have atleast 4 who can take the match away. i think england is probably a better ODI team than aus right now. what is your opinion?
my opinion is that you are wrong....
even if england has 4, they didnt do anything in the last 2 games did they? harmisson got hammered, trescothick scored a . and michael vaughan didnt look very comfortable either....i dont know who is your fourth one...

we too have 4 who have taken the match to victory (aftab, habibul, ashraful, enamul jr) but are we the best team...??

australia is the best team coz they utilise everysingle its bret lee, tommorrow its gilchrist, the next day its machrath or ponting or symonds......who knows?

their consistency and experience is sth that makes aussies number 1 in cricket, sth we should learn from them

btw, i am guessing you havent seen the last game, coz if you did, they got smashed all over the stadium....they are no way near the aussies....

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