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Originally Posted by Shehwar
To be fair, Anamul is capable of scoring big. He just needs one big knock to get his confidence back. We can also try Mominul as an opener.
The confidence will do nothing if his overall batting technique is terrible, he will fail more often than not. And its not like he debuted yesterday, there is a reason Hathurusingha never thought highly of him and instead gave chances to Soumya who had much more average domestic performance.

Some are getting disillusioned by his domestic or U19 numbers which are not always a good criteria to judge players, many domestic and U19 bullies around the world never made it in International Cricket and our domestic cricket is hardly the most competitive. Litton has also great domestic numbers and hasn't received half the chances Anamul has gotten so far.

Only watching Anamul play will tell you how terrible he is, we are wasting time and a spot which could have been given to another promising young player
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