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Originally Posted by tiger1000
Or send Shakib to open, he's basically doing it anyway
Originally Posted by adamnsu
IMO put Shabbir to start if you don’t want to go with Liton.
This is one of the worst things that has happened in our cricket - promoting a player who has played well for a while to a position that he is not suited for.

We tried Ashraful as opener and no 3. The result was a failure.

We tried Imrul and Zunaid and other openers as no 3. The result was a failure.

We tried Shabbir and Nasir at no 3. The result was a failure.

We tried Shakib at no 3. Even though he has done well so far, he has done well only against relatively weaker opponents and on pitches that are similar to subcontinent pitches.

As Isam said in the front page interview with Rinathq, no 3 should never be another opener. Similarly, no 3 should also not be any other player except a real no 3.

For a successful ODI team, each and every players role must be well defined. No player should play at a position as a stop gap measure.

Look at Team India at the moment. Strong team but lost ODI series to England. Why? Because they have no 1, 2, 3 very well defined but they are experimenting with 4-7 positions and the result was loss against a quality opposition. Whereas look at England - roles are well defined and players come and execute their role. When roles are well defined, each one can play fearlessly according to his talent, and even if two or three players fail in the process in a match, the team as a whole can withstand that and can still win.

For our ODI team, some roles are set for WC. Some are not.

1. Tamim
4. Mushfiqur
5. Shakib
7. Mahmudullah
9. Mashrafe
10. Rubel
11. Mustafizur

Our problem is 2, 3, 6, 8 are not well defined and so far seniors have covered up. But if we want to do well in WC, we must fix those positions and make players ready.
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