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Originally Posted by mufi_02
There seems to be a euphoria about IK's win among many people. I don't know or care that much about Pak politics. But what I understand is that military have a huge influence on their elected leaders and elections. And of course we know how Pak military is.

Is IK as clean as we are making him out to be? or is he just another Army puppet with a good image?

Finally, there is no room for 3rd party in BD yet. AL is stronger than ever and if Mash joins AL then he will just have to adhere to the status quo. And there is no way he will join BNP as it is a sinking ship and he will be ostracized.

Our political/civic landscape is vastly different than Pakistan. There is no comparison. Pak korse deikha amader o korte hobe, eita hocche ji hujur ji hujur mentality.

Imran is a puppet of Pak Army. This election was rigged just to make him the PM.

And Imran is no saint. This guy is known for his love towards Jamat and the war criminals. He even greeted us with namaste when he came to Bangladesh for the first time after independence. And that was not out of ignorance but out of anger and disrespect..

Mash on the other hand, is a candid ingenuous man. Dont want him to associate with bunch of thieves, thugs and criminals . So it would be better for him if he stays away from politics and live his life with a clean image. Sohel Taj could not survive in politics, Mash wont either
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