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Originally Posted by Jadukor
The two key players for tests are also the two players that play global t20 leagues. So obviously they want to preserve their bodies for the t20 stint that brings bucket load of money for their family. We should accept this reality and pick the test side from the people that actually play first class cricket. We need to pick bowlers and batsman with the best FC record. Once others see that performing in FC actually results in a national team debut, ppl will try that much harder. Right now if you are a pacer you know that no matter what you do the selectors will pick rubel and shafiul in the end. This needs to change. We will propably struggle at the beginning but eventually we will have a decent test squad with this approach.
I agree.

We need to pick test players from our FC. And not every player needs to play all 3 formats either. For example:

1) Rubel, Soumya, Sabbir, Mullah should stick to LOI only
2) Tamim perhaps shouldn't play T20i, same goes with Mosa
3) Mushy & Shakib seem the only players that fir all 3 formats. But if any/both of them don't want to play test, we shouldn't force them. Same goes for Fizz.
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