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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
I hope a new player comes and disciplines Rahim. Make him bat without all the other non sense. If he performs, he stays. If not, he gets thrown to the wolves.
That won't happen. Firstly, Rahim has a huge ego. Probably a Napoleanic complex. But even when his captaincy was crap (arguably BD's strategy at the time, see note marked with asterisk below), he refused to give it up. When his wicket keeping was crap he refused to give it up. Secondly, he's one of the senior guys, and bengali culture is essentially one of elder worship. So his morobbi status alone will aid him.

Overall, if there is any personality in the team that this team should be moulded after, Rahim is the best choice IMO. He plays with passion, you can tell when Bangladesh wins, even if Rahim played poorly, he's over the moon. If the team loses, Mushy is the most glum out of the lot even if he scored a hundred. Compare to Shakib who would probably be busy getting into beef with fans (most probably the fans fault, but still).

Mushy is not afraid to speak his mind. I remember that instagram feed after the WI knocked India out and Rahim used social media in the most awesome way. He got the entire cricketing world to come out and show their hatred of Bangladesh the same way the world came after America after we left the Paris climate accord and the Iran deal. This is exactly the sort of leadership Bangladesh needs if we want to be a major cricketing power. Right now, England refuse to host us, Australia refuse to host us. If Bangladesh was half as good as Rahim is overseas, none of this would be happening.

In addition to this, Rahim is universally respected amongst the senior core group of players whose power is second only to Papon himself. They forced Hathurasinghe to resign. But Tamim-Shakib-Riyad respect Rahim because they recognize that he is the most complete batsman that Bangladesh has produced till date (Tamim is a close second, but loses points since he's an opener).

As a batsman Rahim is our most polished:

1) he has the most compact technique out of any player we've produced. Tamim is a somewhat close second and Mominul is third.
2) due to #1 above its little surprise that Mushy has a better Test batting average overseas than at home, and has 80% of his centuries in overseas matches (4 out of 5).
3) he can bat according to the situation at hand. he can either come in during a collapse and anchor an innings, or he can come in and blast off in the dying stages of an innings.
4) he can score 360 degrees of the pitch. we all know he loves the slog to deep midwicket, but he also has picture perfect cover drives, deft late cuts backward of square, and twice hooked Dale Steyn in his pomp for 6 on a Test match greentop in South Africa.

If there is any blemish on his record so far, its only been his recent trend of bottling tight chases. But its all in his head, and he will get over it, as he has seen us through before (World Cup vs India 2007, Asia Cup 2012 vs India, Test win in Colombo 2017, etc).

But my personal favorite thing about Rahim is his work ethic. Along with Mominul, he's the hardest working and most dedicated cricketer we have. And the results show it. With his fitness and tenacity, plus subcontinent cultural trends, I can see Rahim playing on till he's 40, till 2027. Maybe even a couple of years past that.

Rahim is exactly the type of player we need more of, and because we haven't is why we are ranked 7th in ODIs and 9th in Tests instead of being a top 5 team in both formats.
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