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No, after reading your post, I don't think you got me. I don't care how we appear to others you see, that is not my beef with Rahim. His antics do not matter or relate to others, it matters to the team. It hurts the team. When you have a guy like that in the locker room, always bragging and making it about him, and failing to acknowledge his own limitations, it sets in motion a weak culture like no other. It sucks the life force out of the place to go to work with a egotistic attention absorbing guy like that.

Again, I agree, he has developed himself into a great bat and that it is incumbent upon others to replace him. Which is why in my original comment I precisely wish for this to happen. A new guy to come with the skills and performances, but also a better cultural influence. (even though it did take Rahim many years before he stopped crapping his pants against bowling)
The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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