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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
No, after reading your post, I don't think you got me. I don't care how we appear to others you see, that is not my beef with Rahim. His antics do not matter or relate to others, it matters to the team. It hurts the team. When you have a guy like that in the locker room, always bragging and making it about him, and failing to acknowledge his own limitations, it sets in motion a weak culture like no other. It sucks the life force out of the place to go to work with a egotistic attention absorbing guy like that.
There's no evidence that it has a negative effect on the team. In fact the empirical data would suggest otherwise.

I don't think anyone could name an example of a leader who's bragging and self-centeredness could have deleterious effects on the wider work environment or culture. Its just a figment of the imagination in my opinion. If a leader isn't going to brag, then there isn't anyone who can. Senior guys on the team should have the confidence in us fans, and the authority to behave as they see fit. They are scoring the runs, they are taking the wickets. Not the coaches, not the admin, not even us fans (as wise as we might be )

But MR15 has been the longest serving captain for Bangladesh in both formats. That longevity is testament to his superiority as a leader on and off the field. The mould of what the team should emulate.

Mushy has led the team to all 3 of our teams major Test wins. All previous captains combined (Durjoy, Akram, Pilot, Chacha, Bashar, Ashraful, Shakib, and Mash) have combined for 0. This is actually where the debate ends.

Plus countless drawn matches that allowed BD to gradually rise in the rankings. It was under Rahim's captaincy that visiting tours stopped assuming tours to BD would be a 2-0 sweep.

The other 10 players are actually thriving under the climate he's introducing in the locker room and on the field. He has the respect of all the rest of the players and thats the main thing. The recognize his value to the team, even if he's not the captain anymore, everyone knows he's the psychological captain of the Test and T20I sides.

Additionally, unless you've actually been in the dressing room or privy to the goings on, you're basing your assumptions based on Prothom Alo or Daily Star reporting. If the guys writing the reports aren't supportive of Mushfiqur in general, their reports have to dismissed in their entirety. These things happened with Ashraful before. There were groups who thought he should be stripped of captaincy or dropped due to his inconsistent play. A lot of these reporters couldn't get any other job so they resort to inventing stuff in order to sow discord within the team and get fans to rally against certain players.
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