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We are still awful in the rankings. And whatever results we got, I don't know if it is because of the leadership, or in spite of the leadership. Anyway, we need the experience and batsmanship, so no chance of leaving him out now. But surely, you would agree that it would better if Liton takes over the gloves, or Nurul for that matter. Why don't they deserve all the chances Rahim got at the front end of his career?

Yes, times are different now, Rinat covered this by saying how the ICL exodus meant the players getting an extended run in the teams, also the fact, that there is more internal competition now( though about that, we have to revisit that issue about the competition now being better, not sure yet). But still, I don't understand how you can spin Rahim not giving up the gloves as a positive trait? He shouts a lot when we get wickets, but when the batsmen on crease start to hammer us, he goes quiet as a mouse.

His type of bragging is not like the Kobe Bryant type, who brags, but is quietly excellent, and focused towards winning only. His type of bragging is more like Russel Westrbook, freakishly talented and plays with heart, but always inserts himself into situations and leaves others deflated.
Anyway, I don't think we will ever agree on the long term negative impact of Rahim because you are more practical than me, but I am more idealistic than you.
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