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One of the things that most people in other forums and even some of our own fans seem to be forgetting and jumping aboard the Bangladesh mocking ship and believing that we will be thrashed by Afghanistan based on what happened in the T-20 series, are forgetting one crucial fact, which is,that during that tournament our boys had no clue how to play Rashid and co. , And let their names get to them and adding to the fact that we lacked a proper coaching team we had almost no game plan to face them either. And as you could see from the last dead rubber from that very same bilateral tournament, we ran the Afghans really close. It took our batters 2 matches to figure out at least some plan to play out Rashid and the other Afghan spinners once the intimidating factor was gone and they had played them themselves instead of watching some IPL games or sitting with a computer analyst.

This time it's not gonna be the same coz we have experienced playing against this bowling attack, have a proper coaching unit who have had time during the tour of West Indies to take a better look at their own charges, and not to mention it's not a T-20 but an ODI. I really would love to see the Afghans getting thrashed properly and clinically. But then uncertainty is one of the biggest traits of the game.

But going by logic Afghanistan shouldn't be much of a challenge, even India and SL shouldn't given how many times in the recent times we have played against these two teams. We will have trouble facing Pakistan though coz it's a completely changed and new-look team filled with confident youngsters. On that note, it's about time our younguns started firing for us to go far in this Asia cup
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