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BDFlag Invest in sports psychologist

Sports psychology is another we seriously need to invest. I mean it's not ajaira self-talk and breathing exercises and visualization. The ENTIRE point of sports psychology is to gain complete and full control over your body so that with cues, self-talk, affirmations, positive, breathing exercises, visualization, imagery you enter flow state at will.

And if you wanna create a team of special forces and Navy SEAL you gotta be one yourself. Look at India. Entire team is full if alphas. Granted they got attitude problem but on any give day, any single player like Sehwag at Mirpur, Rohit, Tendulkar, Kohli, Dhawan, Yuvraj can take us apart. Even peewees like Panday.

Amader alpha k? Papon? lol Nannu? Sujon?

See, self-image matters. The way you treat yourself translates how you treat others. If you wake up and all you see in the mirror is a fat --- then damn right you will be bitter and resentful. It also shows your attitude towards life. Heck I am all for fat shaming. That basically means you said f it. I quit. Life is not worth living.

Life is a beautiful gift. Being ripped is not just for cosmetic purpose. The self-discipline shows your attitude towards life.

Akhon Tamim Shakib ra super fit -athletic wise- and now some cuck like Akram who doesn't take care of his body comes ... aar khobor dari kore, tayle it is understandable why they will be pissed off.

I mean lead by action ffs.

Speaking of sports psychology I was at Toronto zoo and for 20 minutes studies the silver back gorillas.

First of all, in terms of pure brute strength gorillas would rule the world. I mean FFS our most packed and strongest aggro fighter like GSP or Conor McGregregor would get s---ted on like no time. Of course we humans got the edge in terms of intellect... but self-image matters.

So if you are big and bulky like a frikkin 400 pound gorilla, damn right you will intimidate your opponent. Now imagine a TEAM full of alphas.

Look at Windies. I know we clowned them. But people like Braithwaite, Pollard, Gaye are so built, and frikkin jacked they can single-handedly turn the game around with pure brute force.

Akhon amra holo more subtle. We use our incisive intelligent, attrition from SLAs to spike up the RRR to win games by choking and wearing our opponents. Which is all fine and dandy. But imagine if our physique and brawn PERFECTLY complemented our intelligence.

We will be superheros. And that is exactly how it should be. That's what self-actualization is. Hatbo na, gym korbo na... body builder der matha mota...eishob bolle to hobe na dadas.

Also as a coach you gotta think unconventionally. I know some NFL coach forced their players to stitch a leather ball from scratch. Another forced their kids to mingle with cheer-leaders to get out of comfort zone.

Akhon ami jodi as a coach giye boli je oder chiriya khanay niye jete hobe, so that they study all the beasts and get a FEEL for primal instincts and nature, amader ENLIGHTENED board bolbe:

faizlami koroner jayga pau na.... JAU net-ey giya aro thris ghonta practice koro. Jottoshob.

p.s. To combine diet with self-image I was really surprised that how gorillas can be so bulked up and huge when all they consume is frikkin grass.
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