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Originally Posted by SportingBD
Will Sports psychology work on our boys? most of them don't hardly speak/understand English.

Unless there are some Bengali ones willing to do that job?
I am not as concerned about the language barrier as much as the application and sustainability.

Remember it's not a hack or once in a lifetime flash in the pan thing. It's a lifestyle and a process.

Besides all our 'seniors' use fluent if not posh language.

Heck in this day and age it's a BLASPHEMY if an athlete does NOT use it. It's not a luxury but imperative.

All peak performing Olympic athletes use it. As did the great. The difference is people like Pele with computer brain INTERNALIZED it. These people fantasized and obsessed over their craft all night long.

Ash took Quantum Method and used 'monochobi'. He was also mocked by an all knowing BC member for using self talk as being "psycho".

A person who says it cannot be done shouldn't interrupt...

The day Sehwag scored fastest 300 commentators said he used TM with another player.

Phil Jackson was notorious for using a candle in dark room to focus with native American techniques. Admittedly he went overboard with the whole five men Tai chi thing but look at the rewards he reaped.

I highly recommend the classic The Mental Edge. I got scores of resources but I am away from home.
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