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Amra bangalira ektu beshiie ajaira unsolicited advice dite pochondo kori. Also that stems from lack of boundaries and lack of growth and settling for less. I mean if you think you hit the peak just cuz you won some robotics contest from MIT or some low intensity **** that does absolutely ZERO to paradigm shift and progress of expansion of human knowledge and think that gives you ex oficio ex cathedra right to pass of judgement why I don't go to school then you got some serious problems.

A self actualized person is too busy improving herself in all spheres of life for asymptotic growth to find faults and criticisms in others. It's usually the ones who settles for less and stopped growing...

Worst is when uncles who never exercised a day in their lives lectures you why smoking, redbull or cannabis is "bad" for you

After much Bayesian trial and error I found that usually "Bhai nijer charkay tell den" suffices.
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