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Angry BC Incel Thread

Hi everyone.

I am 35. And I think I might be an incel. I can never get laid. Possibly because I am not physically attractive. Most likely actually. I HATE brushing my teeth first thing in the morning!!! Women avoids me. Which I respect. I hate to violate their privacy by gawking at their eyes. Women shouldn't be treated as sexual objects but revered and we need to lower our gazes.

We also need to show proper respect by lying and saying how fat her butt doesn't look in her skirt.

I don't like to exercise. It is for people with low intellectual ability. Also I think I will never get laid and die a virgin. Which is of course shame in modern day and age of America. Where are my rights? Where are my rights for Chirst's sakes!! I demand in nasal twang.

Also women need to be more superior than us and deserves better. They really do since they have been subjugated for too long. So I wouldn't object should I get married if some attractive handsome guy wants to take her away for one night. It's her right for fudge sake.

I just really..I mean like you know like I kinda like hate the fact that I can't touch someone's boobies - ie without brushing past in her in a concert line. It is absolutely unacceptable.

I feel bitter sometimes. Very resentful. I just...I dunno... I just think life isn't fair man. Bleh. I mean why should all the beefed up jerks will get the gals in club when they treat women like dirtbag. You call this fair?
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