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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Dont intend to... but this is bullying.... Being a moderator you should not resort to such antics ... We both live in a western society and subscribe to the same modern values I hope.

If Mosaddek asked for dowry, than it is a crime. If he married 6 years back than it was not a crime as per the law at the time (from my understanding). Unfortunately our society is blind to this kind of criminal practice. Dowry is a not just common but it is the norm in rural areas in Bangladesh.

I just requested you to stick to the topic. How ami using my moderator privileges? Ofcourse I dont support anything wrong Mosaddek has done. But you shouldnt have to drag in Awami League or BNP or Hefajot or Jamaat or anything political or relgious into this to prove a point. There is a Forget Cricket section and you can help yourself there if you want to discuss those issues.
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