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Originally Posted by Rinathq
I just requested you to stick to the topic. How ami using my moderator privileges? Ofcourse I dont support anything wrong Mosaddek has done. But you shouldnt have to drag in Awami League or BNP or Hefajot or Jamaat or anything political or relgious into this to prove a point. There is a Forget Cricket section and you can help yourself there if you want to discuss those issues.
Yes this is how you should've have put it.

As a moderator you need to be more precise with your choice of words. 'Antics' usually connotes a deliberate mischief.

As a new member he might have slipped. This is exactly why people get off-put. I mean people are discussing marriage issues in Mosaddek's page willy-nilly - which I found amusing seeing the thread get bumped everytime before clicking on it since we are off season.... - and this dude is the only one who got picked for his absolutely off-topic content since it had politics written all over it.

This is what we members find it frustrating.

If you gon' enforce laws, at least do it Sparta style. I once saw a cop pull over 4 cars and give them all tickets.

I once saw more than 20 cars pulled over on the side of the highway, waiting for a trooper to come along and write them their speeding ticket.
Now THIS is called havin balls.
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