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Originally Posted by zura
Did the heat do something to your head? Sabbir isn't a game changer and he can't be even considered a big hitter at all. When did Sabbir win us a match when the run-rate was anywhere close to 10. All our ODI wins that involve going to the last over has one of the seniors play till the very end (Mushfiq mostly).
It is not about the record, it is about the talent! I do not judge a batsman based on his scores but I judge based on his capacity to dominate an opposition.

Yes he did not score in recent past, but he is still miles better than any alternative. I have had the misfortune of watching Ariful bat against windies.. He just throws the kitchen sink without even understanding the delivery.

I remember during Asia cup years back I was constantly complaining about the inclusion of Al-amin and said please pick Rony... I was ridiculed for it.. Today everyone accepts Rony is miles better than Al amin. I can similarly assure you that you will forget about this ariful in 2 years time...
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