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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Okay 6 minutes in my final thoughts. It was a GREAT and FANTASTIC initiative. I know it's your podcast guys but I wouldn't necessarily want to listen to 1 and half hour of pure analysis. As I mentioned in ICC's page, cricket has all of a sudden became a geek fest where we microanalyze to the extent of if someone is a good player of top spin off back foot or not and sh--s like that.

(Not a slight to anyone here.)

Sure Anamul doesn't have a great footwork. But is that really a big problem guys? It's not the end of the world.

Breaking down a beautiful, fluid choreographical kinesthetic masterpiece into grammatical parts, atomic memes and building block - in my opinion- doesn't necessarily elevate a game and is not a credit.

I understand many of the BC members are armchair intellectuals and always approach the game from the stand point of solving a calculus problem, but for the majority of mass won't stick to it as if analyzing it like writing a dissertation.
Appreciate you tuning in Zee. And thanks for the advice. It is not all technical you know, especially when I speak, I always try to bring the grand narrative, bigger picture, cultural, strategic issues into it. But proper technical analysis a la Rinat and Al Furqan are also very important. Rinat still plays cricket on the regular, so telling him not to be analytic is limiting him imo. Ultimately, it is a platform to express yourself and have fun. We will never tell a person to change themselves to fit in.

About the timing thing, yeah, that's why I want to introduce the segment thing, a la JRE, so we have the freedom to talk as we please without any restrictions, and not be burdened by time, but also we can later chop it up into pieces, and title it exactly what was being talked about on screen.

Will require more of my time during editing, but I really want to do it. Because "too long" has been the most consistent complaint from listeners.

Thanks again for tuning in!
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